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How Consignment Works

It used to be when you sell your car you had two options: trade it in to a dealer or sell it privately.
Now you have another option to assist you to get thousands more for your car without the risk and hassle of selling it in the private market.

  1. Free review of your car's condition and options.
  2. Free pricing suggestion and market review.
  3. Professional cleaning, waxing and photography.
  4. We'll list it on Autotrader, and over 20 other popular dealership listing sites.
  5. We take the calls, negotiate, and handle the paperwork, you don't lift a finger!

Our standard pricing

Your Choose A Price


Listing Fee


Success Fee


Your Check


When the vehicle sells, a $595 success fee is deducted from the proceeds.

Since we don't get paid our fee unless the car sells our incentives are completely aligned with yours!


  • You will get thousands more than trading in your car at a dealer.
  • Convenient! We do all the work taking calls at all hours and showing your car.
  • Safety! You won't have to meet with strangers or risk giving personal info to scammers.
  • No DMV, titles, sales or other paperwork to deal with we do it all.
  • If you have a loan on your car it is not a barrier to selling it for top dollar.
  • Limits your liability of having strangers test driver your car in the event of an accident.

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