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Financing a car just got easier

MILLENIUM AUTO works with a network of lenders to finance your used car at competitive rates and in one seamless process. In addition to these partners, you can also use any other lender that’s able to work with MILLENIUM AUTO to finance your purchase.


Click “Apply for financing” on any vehicle page before or after scheduling a test drive. We’ll suggest the best lender for you.

Submit your application. You don’t need to have a car picked out yet (but it does speed the process up)

We’ll work with your selected lender to assist you during the application process


  • How long will pre-approval take?
    During normal business hours, you can be pre-approved for financing in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Do you work with my credit union?
    We work with most major credit unions in Utah and can process your loan right here at our office. This cuts down on time and hassle for you.
  • Can I roll the debt from my current car into my new car?
    Yes, most lenders we work with will allow you to roll the debt from your current car into your new car.
Have more questions about financing?
We can answer them at or call us at 801-619-4784